Virtual showrooms are the perfect option for companies that want to showcase their products and services in creative and interactive ways.

We offer unique virtual showroom designs that are brand-centric, helping your customers engage with your products in immersive ways that are sometimes not possible in a traditional format. We can create the digital twin of your real exhibition booth, which enables your sales reps to engage your visitors without geographical limits into a fully interactive experience and to communicate with them via live video conferencing and chat.

Even if you don’t participate in virtual events, you can upload them to your website and boost sales without geographical and time limits. You can also integrate a virtual store inside it! Discover our example:

Why virtual showrooms?

  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Live 24/7/365
  • Can include features such as virtual stores and live chats
  • They can be digital twins of your physical showroom or you can create a new design from scratch
  • Enables contact with your clients remotely at any time via live chat